Inheritance Data working with Settld

Submit an Asset Search

A financial asset search will uncover any accounts or policies that you may not be aware of when completing the administration of estates. These may be pensions or accounts that the deceased had lost touch with prior to their passing. The fee of £180 is a justifiable disbursement from the estate and helps you to comply with due diligence and your legal obligations.

Once the search has been accepted, you will receive details to view the report whilst it is conducted over the next 40 days.

Initial details will be taken from your Settld account but please fill out any extra information below, this will help to undertake the most extensive search possible. As accounts are found, they will be added to your secure Settld dashboard, for you to then request account closure or transfer. Searches take 40 days to complete.

Deceased’s details

Known by any other names

To ensure all accounts are found, let us know if the deceased was known by any other names.

Previous occupations

This will enable an extensive search for any pensions held.

Address history

Previous address history will allow a search for old accounts and policies that may have not been moved to a new address.


Every search comes with an Estate Distribution Warranty. Should any unexpected cost be incurred after a search has been done due to a missed asset, we will cover £10,000 for up to 10 years.